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Eukanuba for cats

Eukanuba is a Procter & Gamble company that has more than 40 years of experience with dog and cat food. Choosing to use high quality animal protein from a wide variety of sources like eggs, chicken, lamb and fish, they believe in the importance of feeding dogs and cats accordingly to their carnivore origins. Eukanuba has contributed millions to food science and their products have passed dozens of quality checks all with the aim of improving the benefits of their products.

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  • Published by Daniel on 28/04/2022

    Best for my cat!

  • Published by Mary Hoffman on 06/12/2021

    I like the size but would like to see it in lamb

  • Published by Mary Hoffman on 06/12/2021

    kibble too large

  • Published by Edil Filho on 21/05/2021

    Bom produto , tem qualidade !

  • Published by Misa on 21/02/2021

    My dog has a very sensitive stomach and quite a few food alergies. She cannot eat any food with grain. I've tried almost all intestinal diets and this one is the only that she doesn't have any reaction. She's been on Eukanuba Intestinal diet for 5 years now and she is doing great.

  • Published by henriette duve on 09/06/2019

    My dog love it, and so good for her stomach.

  • Published by Brian on 19/06/2018

    the best for my cat

  • Published by Anita S. on 28/03/2018

    Helps my dog fight off here allergi reactions in combination with hyposensilisation and other medicins. She loves this food.. Even our cat loves it too...

  • Published by Michael Wagstaff 0. on 21/03/2018

    My dog has a thyroid issue which affects the skin, this food helps maintain a healthy skin and lovely coat, would recommend.

  • Published by on 27/07/2016

    All my girls love this food, the perfect sized kibble for them. Great price, and excellent delivery from Miscota.

  • Published by on 14/06/2016

    I feed this with 'home-cooked' food to my dog with renal problems and he loves it. Its not too heavy but will still give him everything he needs. Since he was diagnosed and taken off 'normal' dog food onto a mix of the Eukanuba and home-cooked food he seems to be back to his normal self & his once dull coat now gleams and is silky soft.

  • Published by Linda B. on 01/06/2016

    Only food we can give our dog to stop his constant scratchimg. Very good price. delivery on slow side, coming from Spain, but allowing for that good transaction.

  • Published by on 14/04/2016

    Its a product which i have used for over 20 years for my Great Danes...they all seem to have thrived on it

  • Published by John C. on 30/03/2016

    Good food, used with our Springer who has arthritis and keeps him lively. Good price and delivery from Miscota.

  • Published by ROBERT G. on 25/01/2016

    This is great dog food, We have been giving our dogs this for the last ten years and if it wasn't for this our labrador would have been put down at least 6 years ago as he's got DJD of the front legs, So Ukanuba want to keep up the good work.

  • Published by Maureen H. on 15/01/2016

    I ordered the 2 bags of eukanuba dermatitis FP I was totally amazed at the price, it's well below regular retail price. Was a bit worried as read reviews after ordering and they weren't good but have been really happy with delivery. Was cheap, fairly quick and track able delivery. Definitely recommend +++++++

  • Published by Nick B. on 02/09/2015

    Great product at reasonable price but let down by slow delivery. Paid for most expensive/quickest delivery and still took over a week.

  • Published by Richard H. on 22/07/2015

    My dog loves this, but I do vary it with Royal Canin. That way he doesn't get boared with his food. Which has been the case with all other food we have tried him with.

  • Published by Darren S. on 06/07/2015

    Not seen any weight loss results yet as I have only been using for one week, but my Rottweiler likes the food and is eating it so I am happy :-)

  • Published by on 12/06/2015

    Great product and great price. Fast delivery so will definitely use again. Recommended by a vetinary to use this food for our elderly dog and this was the best price.

  • Published by Susan A. on 21/01/2015

    Fast Delivery Good Price Will certainly be ordering more Great Product.:-) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  • Published by Nicholas T. on 17/01/2015

    Very fast delivery (even over Christmas period), great price and great quality food. Recommended by our vet for our dog's skin.

  • Published by paula s. on 08/01/2015

    My labrador will eat anything but he would not touch this! I thought if I left it a day or two he would eat it but he didn't, he has never dsiliked a food so much that he would rather starve. It may be good for dogs but pointless if it tastes bad and dogs won't eat it.

  • Published by Apostolos G. on 19/12/2014

    I have high energy britanny for hunting and that type Of eukanuba is perfect solution!!we hunting in The hills and with agresive enviroment(large bus and roks)!!

  • Published by Colin H. on 18/12/2014

    Recommended by our vet and although we also feed other dry food (ie mix it all together) the dog has not had a repeat of his troubles.

  • Published by Edith P. on 15/09/2014

    The one dog of mine, which should not eat this renal diet, she loves it. The other one, which it was meant for, is not so crazy about it, but it still is the best, we have had until now :-)

  • Published by fiona s. on 30/01/2014

    my yorkshire terrier used to love pets at home mini bones and bakers complete until he got 16 teeth removed and found them quite difficult to eat even when we broke them up for him so i searched for a smaller size mix which he can eat i saw a sample pack in b&m tried him and he loved it so thats why i sent to your company for 3 1kg bags hopefully that should last him a good while but when i require more i will certainly use your company again

  • Published by Frank F. on 11/01/2014

    Very swift deliveries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really appreaciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frank Fabricius from Denmark :-)

  • Published by Ina H. on 15/11/2013

    crunchy qnd tasty, i reward my puppy with them during training and fill the Kong toy with them. seems she is pleased

  • Published by on 01/10/2013

    Great discover Eukanuba and very happy with Miscota. Their prices are so competitive. I totally recommend it.

  • Published by on 01/10/2013

    Great discover Eukanuba and very happy with Miscota. Their prices are so competitive. I totally recommend it.

  • Published by on 01/10/2013

    Great discover Eukanuba and very happy with Miscota. Their prices are so competitive. I totally recommend it.

  • Published by Laura W. on 22/09/2013

    While my dog has long retired, he lived his days to the fullest and that is thanks to Eukanuba´s food.

  • Published by Wikitoria M. on 22/09/2013

    We just got our cat on this food and haven´t seen much of a change for the better. However it is no longer getting worse by the day so I guess that counts as something.

    Also, great job Miscota Customer Service. After hearing of the initial delay, I was certain I will no longer do business with you. But your customer care did a very good job. I want to give my special thanks to Mr Bryson for his prompt answers and helpful nature. You won me back.

  • Published by Jonathan W. on 21/09/2013

    I believe the food stopped our wolfhound from gaining extra weight but this might instead have been because of his special diet to increase his activity by improving the condition of his joints. Even if the results were not quite what expected, I am grateful for Miscota as not all Eukanuba products are easy to get.

    Oh also, as always, Miscota was a day late with the delivery!

  • Published by John B. on 21/09/2013

    Happy with your prompt delivery. Always been happy with Eukanuba products. I will be waiting for special offers to stock up on this.

  • Published by John B. on 21/09/2013

    Our local store didn´t have a great selection so we grew our Lab up on this. Once we found out that there is special food for Lab, we tried to switch. Didn´t work out that great so we are back on this. No complaints at all.

  • Published by Fred T. on 21/09/2013

    My german sheperd had liver problems but her tummy wasn´t in best condition either. I tried both eukanuba intestinal and renal, but have to say that renal seemed to help for both conditions while intestinal did nought for liver issues.

    Might be good for others but was not the best solution for me. 3 of 5

  • Published by Anthony T. on 20/09/2013

    I love cats and need at least two of them in my house. I am unlucky because my partner doesn´t stand them. What is worse, she completely disgusts hairballs. So I bet I am the only one who can literally say that Eukanuba Anti-Hairballs kept a home for both my cats and me.

    Keep up the good job!

  • Published by Wikitoria M. on 20/09/2013

    Unfortunately this does not serve for our retriever. Being a bred gun dog and fed on high energy products his performance was noticeably better than when on this food. Nothing negative, just not enough for the role our Lab plays.

  • Published by Michael L. on 20/09/2013

    To be frank, I prefer the large breed light food for our Newfoundlander. But he is getting older so I give him this every now and then.

    Decent enough 3/5

  • Published by Peter L. on 19/09/2013

    I have a 9 yrs old Labrador. The breeder recommended Eukanuba and we have fed him on it since. He is in perfect condition at optimal weight. He has never been ill nor had any other problems. For me this is the absolute best food you can get for a dog. Obviously I recommend this to everyone!

  • Published by Mary P. on 19/09/2013

    Best value for quality. After the first months of feeding Kessels started to look unhappy. Our vet told us to bring some variety to the diet so we have purchased a couple of other Eukanuba products and started mixing them. Everything been well now for more than half a year.

  • Published by Anthony T. on 19/09/2013

    Our cats used to love this food but hairballs disgusted my partner so we had to make a switch. I would still recommend this to everyone, especially if your cats are not prone to producing excess amounts of hair.

  • Published by Wikitoria M. on 19/09/2013

    Got two Great Danes and they both love this food. One is 5 yrs old and one is 2 yrs old. Great for the big joints for a long life.

  • Published by Fred T. on 19/09/2013

    There isn´t an eukanuba food that we haven´t tried out. Dermatosis did not help my sheperd but my mate never tires of boasting how good it is for his wolfhound.

  • Published by Peter L. on 18/09/2013

    We have four dogs and we always leave their food and water bowls down for them at all times. After they got older and didn't get as much exercise as they used to, they started to put on weight. Eukanuba´s weight control has not done wonders but did get them down to a reasonable weight in a couple of months time.

  • Published by John B. on 18/09/2013

    We switched from Hill´s to Eukanuba for our Shih Tzu. While it has only been a couple of months we have no complaints.

    Also, thank you Miscota for the free treats!

  • Published by Mathew M. on 17/09/2013

    I bought a West Highland White Terrier for my kid's 10th birthday. While the dog is hugely her responsibility, I helped to choose the food. Trusting her judgement and our vet, it seems that I did the right choice by accepting Eukanuba. It has been three years since then and no problems of sorts.

  • Published by Jennifer W. on 17/09/2013

    My dog Hunter is very picky about his food. He was getting a little too big from too many snacks, so I started switched to this food. He enjoys the kibble and loves the taste. He devours it the minute I pour it in his bowl. His coat has gotten very shiny and I've noticed that his skin is in better condition also. I highly recommend this food.

  • Published by Jennifer W. on 15/09/2013

    My cats have always had problems with weight. Once they are too slim, the other day too fat. The veterinary diets products work but they do too well. In the end I believe I have to consider trying another brand.

  • Published by on 15/09/2013

    My little Snoopy had gotten big. Both restricted calorie biscuits and food helped to solve issue fast. I kept feeding him on it for ages and eveuntally got scolded by our vet.

    Does what it is supposed to. 4/5

  • Published by Fred T. on 14/09/2013

    My german sheperd has been a mess for a good decade now. Looking grim, liver problems, rough coat and so forth. Mixing and swapping between eukanuba renal, daily care and german shepard food, she has started to look healthier than she ever been.

  • Published by Mary P. on 13/09/2013

    Decided to try this on our own after a vet had told to get urinary struvite. That didn´t seem to make a difference at all. But it was easy to see that Eukanuba Oxalate made life much much easier for our cats.
    We have had problems with some veterinarians before so I recommend to try to find the best food for your loved cats by testing on your own.

  • Published by Anthony T. on 11/09/2013

    To be honest I have never bothered with buying any breed specific food. The universal products have always served well enough and I am saying that after 40 years of experience with pets. Hills for a long time and now Eukanuba, I am happy with both but do prefer the latter. Also Hill´s prices are not as competitive in Miscota as Eukanuba's.

  • Published by Wikitoria M. on 11/09/2013

    My partner takes our Labrador Retriever out for hunts so often that I feared one day he would be done for. Fortunately Eukanuba seems to keep him running through the roughest terrain and bush, doing the work of two dogs, while still dashing around playfully.

    Superb 5 out of 5

  • Published by Ben P. on 10/09/2013

    Our first Bernese mountain dog struggled during his first year. His fur, joints nor weight could catch up with his need to grow. Eventually a couple of years into adulthood the problems disappeared. Now we did not want to do the same mistake twice so we researched a lot before taking our second Bernese dog. We decided to switch from a local brand to Eukanuba. This furball is already a year old and has done very well in comparison to the first dog and we believe the secret to be Eukanuba.

  • Published by Wikitoria M. on 10/09/2013

    We got two Danes, one 5 yrs old and other 2 yrs. Surprisingly the older one struggled for ages not being able to keep up with his younger brethren. Considering my partners outdoor´ish life-style, we decided to try Jogging & Agility. While still not quite like the younger Dane, my partner has started to struggle loads to keep up with either of them.

    Good product but I reckon it would serve best for working and hunting dogs who really need that extra kick.

  • Published by Michael L. on 10/09/2013

    Our 4 year old Newfoundlander is extra fluffy. He has been eating eukanuba's adult light large breed food for around two years. He has not lost all that much weight, 5 pounds the most, but considering the rate he was growing at we are glad it stopped.

  • Published by Jonathan W. on 09/09/2013

    While relatively good, it does not seem to have any advantages over other competing brands. But try yourself.

  • Published by Mary P. on 09/09/2013

    We have two Cockers Spaniels just over 4 years old. The breeder started them on Eukanuba and we have continued until now. However we can´t really afford it and would like to see the prices drop or to receive some offers. If not we will search elsewhere

  • Published by Michael L. on 09/09/2013

    I like the website and the prices, but the delivery took long. Miscota´s customer service did always answer and inform me promptly so I guess it is fair enough.
    Eukanuba is Eukanuba. Our dogs love it and don´t understand all the fuss about Orijen & Acana.

    Service 4/5, food 5/5

  • Published by Ben P. on 07/09/2013

    Once we had seen the benefits of Eukanuba puppy food on our young Bernese chap, we decided to switch to Eukanuba for our veteran Bernese. Been only a couple of months but so far so good!

  • Published by John B. on 07/09/2013

    I am writing this on my sisters request. She has grown up with our own Terrier Jackie and loves her with all her heart. But couple of years ago she started complaining about the foul smell. We took Jackie to the vet and got scolded. Her mouth condition was below bad. With special diet foods, dental sticks and prescribed medicine we solved the issue in a year. Soon after we started feeding her with Eukanuba and are still doing so. Haven´t had serious problems since then. While we still use the occasional Dentastick, I am expressing my sisters gratitude to Eukanuba that they have delivered a food that does seem to help.

  • Published by Michael L. on 07/09/2013

    Perfect for short term use. Fixed all the problems in a matter of weeks. Kept giving it to our dogs and after a couple of months started bringing up opposite problems. My advice to call your veterinarian to ask for advice.

  • Published by Anthony T. on 06/09/2013

    Been a loyal Eukanuba fan for more than two decades now. They never disappoint! Will keep buying their products from you as long as the prices stay competitive.

  • Published by Michael L. on 06/09/2013

    Mixed with Eukanuba treats for senior dogs, our faithful Rottweiler is enjoying his pension. Been buying it for half of his life and will keep doing so.

    Had no idea what to think of Miscota in the beginning, but customer care seems nice enough. As long as it stays cheap I will be shopping with you.

  • Published by Mathew M. on 04/09/2013

    As my Jack Russell´s glory days are already over and he is an astonishing 18 years old, his hair/skin started to go for worse a while ago. We got our hands on a can of the dermatosis FP by mere luck and were genuinely surprised to see that it worked to great effect. While clearly not as fine as during his golden years, his skin hasn´t gotten any worse over the last years which is entirely positive.

  • Published by Mathew M. on 03/09/2013

    My Jack Russel is already 18 years old and looks like he can manage for another decade. Truth be told he looked more tired when he was 12 and fed with Jack Russels specific food than he does now, 6 yrs later and on a universal mature food. I do not know if it is like this for everyone or not, but I am very grateful.

  • Published by Mathew M. on 02/09/2013

    I use these to reward my puppy during training. I have tried tons of different snacks, but he turned his nose up at them. I do break these in half so he doesn't get too many "treats" during the course of the day. Absolutely wonderful, I recommend these to everyone!!

  • Published by Jennifer W. on 02/09/2013

    This is the only food our Pug eats since we switched to adult food. She has always been slim and petite. You couldn´t tell that she was old if it wasn´t for those white whiskers. By now this has become the only food she is willing to eat and she does so with love. After she is done eating she licks my face expressing "thanks mom, that was good". I recommend this to everyone who want to keep their dogs slim and healthy

  • Published by Fred T. on 02/09/2013

    Kidneys always been a weak spot for my pets. Do what you want, they never get good enough. But since I feed them with Eukanuba things are not as grim and they don´t seem knackered.

    So I reckon Eukanuba is sweet as.

  • Published by Laura W. on 01/09/2013

    Our vet estimated that our doggy passes away four years before he did. While our care and love gave him the right environment, I doubt he could have pulled that off without Eukanuba´s food. We did have our fair share of problems with different diets, but I still recommend it to everyone.

  • Published by Anthony T. on 01/09/2013

    There are not many places I can get this fantastic light food at. All of our cats absolutely adore this food but unfortunately we have no store close by to get it. It is thanks to this food that they have managed a healthy weight and that Ella has lost some of her tremendous belly weighing 5.5kgs down from 7.5kgs! Please keep selling this product!

  • Published by John B. on 01/09/2013

    I have a 2 year Boxer who had trouble with hair thinning. He has been on the Eukanuba Boxer Formula for about half a year and his hair has stopped thinning, he has stopped putting on unnecessary weight and gained more muscle! So far so good.

  • Published by Laura W. on 31/08/2013

    My favorite cutie is always bothered by tummy problems. I have tried everything and nothing has solved it. But Eukanuba does seem to offer some relief and make her days more enjoyable.

  • Published by Jonathan W. on 30/08/2013

    Our oldest wolfhound has always struggled with his joints and the older he got, the less active he became. This in turn caused him to gain weight. While we have not managed to get the weight down, the adult sensitive joints food has helped him to improve. For the first time in three years I saw him running as fast as he used to when he was a youngster.

    I recommend it. Even if Miscota always seems to be a day or two late with delivery, their prices are competitive and I will be shopping with them for a while.

  • Published by Mathew M. on 30/08/2013

    This is the food that my Jack Russell got started on a very long time ago. While it is hard to judge its benefits and I barely remember if he had any problems or not, he has lived a long a fulfilling life and will continue to do so for many years to come.

  • Published by Jennifer W. on 30/08/2013

    Started our kittens on it and never regret. We haven´t found as good of a food as this to follow up with, but have still stayed loyal to Eukanuba thanks to this fantastic food!

  • Published by Fred T. on 30/08/2013

    My german sheperd was looking rather grim! Her coat was dull, she was weak and looked a lot like knackered. Vet said it was all livers. So I used eukanuba renal for a while. Things got better but not perfect. So I decided to mix a wee bit of german sheperd food and daily care senior, swap between them every now and then. Couple of months later she is healthier, her coat is fine and she seems spirited.

  • Published by Laura W. on 29/08/2013

    One of my cuties hair got very thin in a matter of months after changing foods. Going back to the old diet did not fix the problem so I consulted with my vet. She had a couple of Eukanuba veterinary diets canned food in stock so I got them. Whenever her skin has started to lose colour again I have fed her this and it has been a matter of days to start spotting the change.

  • Published by Mary P. on 29/08/2013

    Our veterinarian told us to get this and so we did. In my opinion did not make much of a difference but our vet tells the opposite.

  • Published by Mary P. on 29/08/2013

    Service could have been faster but the prices are very competitive. About the product, Eukanuba has the best quality and cost value. Will always be the preferred choice in my family.

  • Published by Wikitoria M. on 29/08/2013

    This food was perfect until my cat´s liver started to become a problem. In all honesty I believe it has more to do with the age of my cat than the food. Our vet is of the same opinion. Still if it hadn´t been for that I would have recommended this product to everyone.

  • Published by Laura W. on 28/08/2013

    I had three overweight cats. Two (Abbie and Alexis) lost most of their fat when on this food but the third one (Lily) hated the food. She would eat it initially but after some time not even get close to the bowl.
    So I give it a good 4 of 5. If only it had worked for all of them cuties.

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