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Bowls, Feeders & Water Dispensers for Dogs

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In principle, the maker of our mascot is simple. Basically you need a feeder and a drinking fountain for dogs . But when electing the possibilities multiply, and if not enough to keep an eye on our repertoire of feeders and waterers canines to check that there are plenty of models in different materials, colors, decorations and sizes.

Now we are going to give some basic tips for when buying a feeder of your new pet, or when the sprue now renew your dog have found that it is not very practical.

Feeders Ceramic Dog

One of the options feeders, and waterers dog is bought in ceramics. One of its great advantages is that they are very aesthetic, and you can choose them in many colors and illustrations varied. This way you can give you at your dog the feeder and waterer more in keeping with his personality, and even stamping his name. We know that the dog can not read, but the owners are like that.

The only thing you should know is that drinkers, especially feeders dog made of ceramics, they may sometimes not be easy to clean, since the ceramic is a porous material and may adhere very resistant form leftovers . However, in our catalog you will find feeders ceramic with a non - toxic lacquer coating that eliminates this potential problem.

Plastic feeders for dogs

Another common for these items needed for the drink material and the dog food is plastic. In this case, the subject of thorough cleaning is guaranteed, as they are extremely easy to wash. And also you will see that we propose feeders plastic in many colors and decorations. However, if you buy a new plastic sprue your pet, observe the first day you use it , because it might cause allergies.

Dogs have allergic conditions like people, and although the food and water bowls that we teach in Miscota are quality products, that does not mean that your pet can not have that problem and can produce redness on the nose. Go to your vet and do you confirm that it is a health problem of your dog, just as we have any, since all food and water bowls that you can buy on our website are tested to verify that no toxic materials products.

Stainless steel feeders for dogs

The food and water bowls stainless steel abound in our web. You have them available in different volumes to choose the most appropriate to the size of your dog. And always it is very resistant products, easy to clean and extremely resistant to corrosion.

This type of bowls for dog food are traditionally a single container metallic look, but you can also find different decorative motifs, if you wish.

Drinkers travel

All that you go out hiking with your dog, you know that is a bit annoying bring your food and water bowl all day, plus it is possible that you forget. But if you have got a sprue travel , you will be hard to leave him at home.

Both waterers and feeders trip are specially designed to transport what is comfortable, and of course it is also very easy to eat and drink to your pet.

double feeders

Sometimes it is a bit annoying to have the feeder dog on one side and the trough on the other. For that, it is best to opt for a double feeder, so that with the same object have the water container and dog food. And even this kind of double feeding is also ideal if we have a couple of pets. Of course, educating them will be necessary for each comma in their respective bowl.

Feeders for dogs gluttons

In choosing a dog feeder intervenes material and aesthetics, but after all it is an object for our pet. So its characteristics also have to assess them. That is, the size of the dog forced to choose the waterer and feeder line, if only for the amount of feed that the eater.

But in addition you also have to know the behavior of our pet. There are very greedy dogs that gobble more they eat. So they eat very rowdy and not difficult to make momentum food or water bowl jump. For them it is interesting to buy high feeders, avoiding stains.

And if on the other hand we also educate yourself while you eat, you can opt for automatic feeders . Some food containers that can be scheduled at specific times to display the feed ration just to be eating our animal. While there is also the option of automatic or hoppers.

Accessories in the household dogs

Yes. There accessories for dog food and water bowls. They all have a little quirk, some aesthetic but basically are very useful. That is, they are functional elements for feeding our dog.

This is the case of the various types of media feeders and waterers will find in our catalog. These are elements that raise dog food containers, which is useful especially for older dogs and large, whose bones if they are excessively lowering the head to eat.

They are accessories for dogs but useful for people. Is the case of cloths or mats on which to place the feeders. On the one hand these items mark the place of eating the animal, also prevent it going pushing and moving, and finally in the case of splashing water or make jump pieces of their feed or their wet food, fail to spot the soil, but the food falls into this tablecloth, which of course already licking the animal will handle and there are no apparent traces.