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Car Blankets & Protective Covers for Dogs

Car Blankets & Protective Covers for Dogs

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Covers for dogs

Car protective covers are very useful when traveling with your dog. The hair sticking seat is difficult to remove, and some dogs drool on end due to the excitement of the journey, or nerves.

In you will find protective seat covers and protective covers for luggage compartment , allowing you to keep the car clean and have a more enjoyable trip with your dog on board.

Dog car cover

Our online store offers you dog car covers that cover your car upholstery hairs and dirt in general generated in times of mobilization.

These car covers are designed for dogs and generally made of waterproof and resistant materials that protect against water and moisture, also are washable.

Dog seat protector

One aspect that you must ensure is that the trip does not represent for your dog stress and in turn damage to the upholstery, therefore, guard dogs seat protect it from scratches and deterioration in general.

The guard dog seat is designed so that once installed remains in place to protect your car seat. Some also have pockets for personal accessories and make your dog more comfortable ride.

It is important that you follow the installation instructions of blankets and protective covers for the dog comfortable, safe travel without causing damage.

Travel blanket for dogs

Another accessory you should keep in mind when traveling is the travel blanket dog that fits the type of car you have and is the guarantee to repel odors and moisture.

The dog rug is designed with straps that fit for installation and set the blanket between the seat and backrest, providing comfort on the trip. On the other hand, can remove the seat belt anchors, so that your dog not only comfortable but also safe trip.

Blankets and protective covers for car dual - use guarantee not only protects upholstery but is suitable as a first aid blanket if you were to need.

Protective seat cover for dogs

If you travel with your dog will realize are several hours, do not forget to install the protective seat cover for dogs. As designed some allow out front and pockets for hydration and awards for your pet backups.

Marks blankets and protective covers

In our online pet store you will find adjusted to the size of your dog designs, and cars of various brands:
Arppe , Arquivet , Freedog , Kong , PetEgo , Ruffwear , Trixie , Zolux .