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Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses become the ideal accessory especially when it is understood that ride is not a steering device but a real communication tool between you and your dog. offers a variety of options harnesses tight the size of your pet. Here you find: padded harness , classic harness , harness with jewelry , harness training , reflective harness , rescue harness , harness type A and type harness H .

Just as we share happily walks, your dog needs contact with the natural environment and even more when they do together, because it's an adventure they enjoy. And harnesses for dogs become a key piece for this purpose by therefore must be flexible, not rigid and adaptable as possible to the morphology of each dog.

You must not forget that there are enough reasons to walk with your dog, one of them is why you should make your needs regularly and because all dogs feel the need to walk in not indoors. Depending on the size and age these walks should be guided by their masters using this accessory walk, because the dogs need to explore new places and interact with other dogs generating greater balance and strengthening the bond with you and our online store Miscota you find options and recommendations.

Choosing a harness for dogs

To avoid a stressed dog or getting into mischief at home, it is important to plan trips well be in the morning or afternoon, for it must take into account some important aspects when selecting harnesses.

In this online shop we offer an excellent choice in harnesses for dogs must possess several features to ensure comfort to your pet, that is, must be open to all ends so that they can easily be placed, be made with a soft and tender materials besides being easily washable and not be too short, because otherwise all the harness will slide forward during sunset.

Brands harnesses for dogs

Some of the most recognized brands that sell dog harnesses with innovative features are: Trixie , Puppia , Ferplast , Hurtta , Freedog , Alcott , among others. In our section harnesses you can find many of these accessories manufactured by these companies ride with features, measurements, fabrics, thickness and various costs, from classics happening with padded, training, with jewelry, rescue; and using durable and comfortable materials like cotton, leather, fur, rubber, among others , and with a variety of yellow, blue, brown, pink, beige, white, purple.

Harness for small dogs

Without any doubt, comfort is an aspect to consider before buying a harness, because if not comfortable for your dog, nothing comes to work. Small dogs allow them to become companions to walk, climb public transportation units, making images and even take them to work, both harnesses for small dogs should be adjusted to their size and weight and its padding provides the most softness and protection to the skin of your dog.

Therefore, to prevent this accessory produces discomfort or abrasions on the skin of your pet, you should check that the model fits the body of your dog, choosing the right size and adjustable, aspects that you can find in

Dog rescue harness

Advancing care policies and care of dogs, this online pet store offers safety harness for dogs, which is attached to the anchor seat belt rear seat of the vehicle thus avoiding the pet reaches the driver 's area causing an accident, which increases the safety of all occupants.

Many brands offer this safety harness for dogs with comfortable features that allow the dog to sit, lie down and move instead easily when put and remove it and made resistant materials.