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are a good resource to use to facilitate the communication with the dog when being away. Many professionals use it to call their dog from distance. Once you've connected, the dog knows that it is called. For homeowners who are interested to use this to establish the relationship, it is recommended not to change the whistle because the sounds are very diverse and the ear of the dog is developed for the specific sound. Hence, the dog will notice that all the other different sounds are not meant for it. Very useful for dogs who enjoy walks outside.

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The Company Of Animals Whistle Multi-Purpose

A good all-round whistle for both the pet dog owner and professional trainer. Made from tough steel, yet still a lightweight design which provides a clear, strong sound.

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Features The Company Of Animals Whistle Multi-Purpose

  • Reference5017245800710
  • BrandThe Company Of Animals
  • Whistle TypeWith tones
  • Product RangeClix

Description The Company Of Animals Whistle Multi-Purpose

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Bom material.

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